Pro-Daesh rebels active in Jawzjan

 Mon 1 Aug 2016

SHEBERGHAN (SW): Security officials in northern province Jawzjan have said that clashes have been flaring up between pro-Daesh rebels and security forces in the province for three days now.

A number of members at Jawjzan provincial council said that the rebels would soon establish bases in the province if the government did not do anything to uproot them.

They said that if such rebels continued to establish bases, the province would go through the same fate as Achin and Kot districts in Nangarhar where Daesh has started to gain momentum.

Halima Sadaf, a member at the provincial council, said that there is no such group as pro-Daesh fighters but the Taliban insurgents who have raised Daesh’s flags.

Mohammad Reza Ghafori, the spokesperson for Jawzjan Governor, however confirmed the pro-Daesh rebels’ presence in the province saying that they have started recruiting.

He said that the government should take effective measures to eliminate them.

Reports suggested that as many as 50 Daesh rebels have been killed in the recent fighting with the Afghan security forces in Qush Tappa district in Jawzjan.

Abdul Hafiz Khashay, head of security in the police headquarter in the province told Salam Watandar that a Taliban commander named Qari Hikmat has recently joined pro-Daesh rebels who played a major role in the attack on Kosh Tappa district.