Yoldosh’s son resettling militants in the north

 Wed 8 Feb 2017

SHEBERGHAN (SW): Some 650 families of the Uzbekistani and Pakistani militants have been resettled in three Northern provinces by the son of Tahir Yoldosh, the slain leader of the Uzbekistan Islamic Movement (UIM).

Security officials in Jawzjan province told Salam Watandar a son of the UIM leader is supervising the operation to resettle the militants’ families. It is said these families have been settled in Faryab’s Bal Charagh and Garziwan districts, in Sar-e-Pul’s Sayad district, and in Jawzjan’s Darzab and Qosh Tapa districts.

Rehmatullah Turkistani, Jawzjan’s police chief, has said it has been a while since the son of Tahir Yoldosh is busy settling down the militants’ families in the North of the country. He added the law enforcement agencies await orders to take action against them.

Rehmatullah Hashar, chief of the Darzad district in Jawzjan, has also acknowledged the reports in this regard. He said hundreds of families associated with the Uzbekistani and Pakistani militants have arrived here, and are trying to recruit the local Taliban into their ranks. He said a local militant named Daamullah Nadirul Mulk is recruiting men for Daesh in Faryab’s Kohistan district. Hashar added this militant commander has warned the Taliban rebels to join the ranks of Daesh, or face ‘elimination’.