Massoud challenges his dismissal by the President

 Tue 18 Apr 2017

KABUL (SW): Ahmad Zia Massoud, the former special presidential representative for reforms and good governance, has challenged his dismissal.

Massoud was dismissed from his post a day earlier via a presidential decree. On Tuesday morning, Ahmad Zia Massoud reacted to his dismissal, and said he joined Ghani in the 2014 Presidential Election in order to ‘avoid ethnic conflict’. “If my dismissal order is not retracted the stability and peace of the country will be at risk”, warned Zia Massoud. He added the President has no right to dismiss him. He further added that the people of Afghanistan can no longer tolerate war, and his dismissal from the government means that the country will be destabilized once again.

According to the dismissed former special advisor of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President is deliberately looking for means to destabilize the country. Zia Massoud also said that he entered the election process based on the votes of his followers. “Now, my followers are demanding answers for my dismissal from me”. He claimed that the tribal elders, activists, and his followers are on their way to the capital to question his sudden dismissal.

Ahmad Zia Massoud claimed that he was not aware of his dismissal prior to the move, and Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive Officer of the country was also not in the picture. He warned that any civil unrest after this will be blamed on the President.