‘Some regional countries not sincere in war against terrorism’

 Fri 14 Jul 2017

BAMYAN CITY (SW): Some regional countries are not sincere in war against terrorism, Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah told the fourth Afghanistan-Central Asia Dialogue on Friday.

Abdullah lamented approach by some countries regarding ‘good and bad terrorists’. He said groups like al-Qaeda, Daesh and the armed Taliban have no boundaries. The CEO said some countries differentiate these groups based on the differences among them, which is a mistake.

Though, Abdullah refrained from naming specific countries, but there have been reports of late about Iranian and Russian support for the Taliban against surging Daesh in Afghanistan.

CEO of the National Unity Government (NUG) went on to say that the Taliban are waging war in Afghanistan for the interests of ‘another’ country, but the Afghans are determined not to allow the forces of darkness and ignorance access power.

Representatives from a number of regional countries, civil society members and foreign diplomats are attending the Afghanistan-Central Asia Dialogue.