‘French terrorists training child soldiers in Jawzjan’

 Sun 12 Nov 2017

SHEBERGHAN (SW): A well-placed official source has told Salam Watandar that at least three French nationals are busy training child suicide bombers in Jawzjan province.

The source informed that these foreigners along with some Uzbekistani militants are busy preaching literature of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and training suicide bombers. The source informed that the militants are forcefully taking children out of homes to train them for suicide attacks. The source informed these terrorists have taken away up to 300 children to the Mughul Alqani village for the purpose.

Rehmatullah Hashar, former district governor of Darzab, has confirmed these reports about 300 children being taken away to the Mughul Alqani village for the purpose. “There are up to 50 French, Tajikistani, Uzbekistani and Arab terrorist trainers who are providing trainings for preparing landmines and other terrorist attacks.” he said.

A local informed that the pro-Daesh rebels took up to 30 children from their homes this morning and took them away to Sar Dara, Sok Wa and Idara villages for the purpose.

Salam Watandar wished to have the view of pro-Daesh militants’ local commander in the area, but to no avail.