Security forces longing for firewood amid harsh winter

 Tue 5 Dec 2017

FAIZ ABAD (SW): Despite harsh winter blocking many parts in Badakhshan province, security forces in various districts have not yet received firewood to keep them warm.

Abdul Haq Aqsaey, police chief of the province, has said ever since contracts of such items have moved to the capital Kabul, security forces in 27 districts have not received even a single kilogram of firewood. He has warned if the contractor does not ensure supply in a week’s time, snow and rain would block ways that could result in a grim situation.

Police chief for the Lower Yaftal district, said in this regard that the security forces in this restive part of the country are fighting the militants in harsh winter without the firewood to keep them warm. He informed two policemen have been the latest victim of harsh winter here.

Meanwhile, Waleed Paiman, private contractor of firewood to Badakhshan, has informed Salam Watandar that the National Procurement Authority (NPA) has so far not finalized the fate of the second company in this regard. He added without renewal of the contract, they cannot resume supply of firewood to Badakhshan.

The provincial police chief has acknowledged that the NPA has so far not renewed contract for the next year.