Afghan-Danish Nadia crowned as Woman Danish Player of 2017

 Wed 6 Dec 2017

KABUL (SW): An Afghan-Danish football player Nadia Nadim who plays as a striker for Portland Thorns FC and the Danish national team, has been crowned as the woman player of the year in Denmark for the year 2017.

"It's crazy and quite indescribable. I did not think I would win and I'm so grateful. I feel it's a declaration of love from Denmark, "said Nadia Nadim, after receiving the title. "To stand here, and have got that love, I really do not understand, and I lack words to describe the situation. As I said, I have won some things, but this is probably what matters most to me. "

According to the Danish media, it is the fourth year in a row that the award 'Dane of the Year' is handed over to a person who has set a particularly ambitious goal and achieved them. Nadim was born in Herat and raised in Afghanistan until her father, an Afghan National Army (ANA) general, was executed by the Taliban in 2000. Her family then fled to Denmark, where she began her football career.

Nadia Nadim came to Denmark as a refugee from Afghanistan as a 12-year-old, got citizenship, and in a while she is going to move to the Manchester City England. Besides her career on the football field, she is also pursuing her studies, and in two semesters she is going to be a graduate doctor.

Having played 75 international matches for Denmark so far, Nadia has scored 22 goals.