Food ration not provided to ANP in Takhar

 Sun 7 Jan 2018

TALUQAN (SW): Local officials in Takhar have said the Afghan National Police (ANP) members have not received fruits, vegetables and quota of plain bread for past many months.

Khalil Aseer, spokesman for the ANP headquarters in Taluqan city, told Salam Watandar that the contractor bound to supply these items to the police has escaped the province. Commenting on this, Farid Zaki, deputy governor and head of the committee for oversight of ration for police, said the contractor had inked the deal with the National Procurement Committee. He added the government has been informed about the issue.

The Takhar Provincial Council has called for supply of first-grade ration for police in the province alleging that the policemen here are receiving third-grade ration.

Similar reports had also emerged from Kunduz and Faryab province a while ago.