Daesh urges Ghazni residents to join their ranks

 Mon 8 Jan 2018

GHAZNI (SW): The pro-Daesh militants have urged residents in Ghazni province’s Qara Bagh district to join their ranks.

In leaflets distributed in the night, the pro-Daesh militants have warned the locals against collaborating with the Taliban. Saheb Khan, the district governor, informed Salam Watandar that the locals have been threatened that their heads would be chopped if they joined the ranks of the Taliban. He informed the close proximity of Qara Bagh district with Khak-e-Afghan district of neighboring Zabul province is the reason behind Daesh’s infiltration.

Abdul Bari Shilgari, member of the provincial council, said in this regard that the Daesh militants have vowed to increase their activities in spring. He said this group is aiming to claim the areas currently under the influence of the Taliban.

However, Shaoor Gul, Commander of the Afghan National Army (ANA)’s 203 Thunder Corps, informed Salam Watandar that there are no concrete reports about the presence of Daesh in Ghazni. He said the security forces are bracing for an operation in Ghazni.

Qara Bagh is one of the insecure districts in Ghazni where the Taliban often block highways to abduct passengers.