Arg in direct contact with Noor to resolve impasse

 Mon 5 Mar 2018

KABUL (SW): A number of media outlets on Monday reported that the Presidential delegation has reached an understanding with the unseated governor of Balkh province.

A source within the Jamiat-e-Islami party informed Salam Watandar that the talks between Arg (Presidential Palace) and Jamait party over the fate of the Atta Mohammad Noor ended in a deadlock. The source further informed that the Arg has now directly reached Noor. The source claimed the Arg is now seeking an alternate way to settle the dispute after talks about Jamiat’s 12-point demands collapsed.

Another source in Jamiat party has claimed any deal between the Arg and Noor should also incorporate the 12 demands of the party, or this deal would not be considered as the ultimate one.

In the meantime, Afzal Hadid, member of the Balkh provincial council, has acknowledged that there has been headway in talks held in the province. He said Mohammad Masoum Stanikzai, head of the National Directorate of Security, and Abdul Salam Rahimi, head of the Office of the President, represented the Arg at these talks.

It is worth noticing that after Noor’s refusal to step down as governor when President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani approved his controvertial resignation, Jamiat leaders namely Salahuddin Rabbani, Abdul Satar Murad, Mohaiuddin Mehdi and Waqif Hakimi entered negotiations with Arg over the matter.