Arg and Noor close to reach an understanding

 Mon 12 Mar 2018

KABUL (SW): Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of the National Unity Government, has said differences between Arg (Presidential Palce) and Atta Mohammad Noor, the unseated governor of Balkh province, will soon be resolved.

CEO Abdullah said this while addressing the cabinet meeting on Monday. He said the previous year was full of challenges and crises, however the government achieved more than what it had planned for.

Last week, Mohammad Masoum Stanikzai, head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS), and Salam Rahimi, Head of the Office of the President, visited Balkh to meet Atta Mohammad Noor.

Some three months ago, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani approved Atta Mohammad Noor’s controversial resignation, and appointed Mohammad Dawood as governor of Balkh, but the unseated governor opposed these measures, and since then the rift continued.