HU directs female students to wear headscarf

 Wed 11 Jan 2017

HERAT CITY (SW): Administration at the Herat University (HU) has decided to ban entry of female students who do not wear the headscarf ‘hijab’.

According to the University administration, this move followed complaints about non-compliance of ‘hijab’. The HU officials have expressed that universities are places of wisdom where moral values and knowledge in sciences and social subjects are taught in line with the Islamic values.

Hussan Farid, assistant academic dean at the HU, has said all female students should wear hijab. He warned disobedience in this regard can even result in expulsion of the student.

The move has stirred mix feelings among the students. Some students have welcomed the decision, but many more want the HU administration to concentrate more on improving quality of education instead of paying attention to issues which are least important.

Clergymen in Herat believe that students are not paying attention to Islamic values, and are blindly following western way of life.