Taliban collecting electricity bills in Kunduz

 Wed 11 Jan 2017

KUNDUZ CITY (SW): The Taliban insurgents in Kunduz province have warned the resident to pay electricity bills to them instead of paying to the power utility Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS).

Hamidullah Momand, provincial head of DABS, told Salam Watandar that the deadline to pay latest electricity bills passed, but the locals have told them the Taliban have already collected the money from them. “Taliban have warned residents against paying to DABS”, he said.

He said at least 20 thousand families live in areas under the influence of the Taliban in the province. The provincial head of the DABS feared if the bills are not paid they would have no choice left but to cut electricity supply to the defaulters.

Ghulam Rabani Rabani, a provincial council member, has raised concerns over the issue. He said if the situation persisted, it will create financial constraints for the local government as well.

Some 3 days ago, the Taliban militants in Kunduz cut the main power supply line coming from Tajikistan. DABS has been unable to repair this line so far.