WJ slams security and intelligence institutions

 Wed 11 Jan 2017

KABUL (SW): Members of the Wolesi Jirga (lower house) on Wednesday grilled the security and intelligence institutions for failing to stop the deadly terrorist attacks in the country a day earlier.

As many as 56 lives were lost following three terrorist attacks in Kabul, Kandahar and Helmand on Tuesday.

Wazhma Safi, a member of the house, called on President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to issue stern directives to capture those who are behind these attacks. “Security officials are involved in the recent attacks” she charged. Mujib Rahman Samkanai, another member of the house, said while  addressing the session the Darul Aman road remained secure when high ranking government officials were there, but the attack took place when they left. “Clearly, the security officials were involved in the attacks, and these security officials survive every time when an attack takes place”, he asserted.  

Sheikh Nimatullah Ghafari, deputy speaker of the house, urged President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to appoint a joint committee to review short comings in the security and intelligence institutions.

Meanwhile, analysts have a different perspective on the recent attacks. According to the experts on security affairs, shortcomings and lack of coordination among the security organs are to be blamed.

Silab Waziri, an expert on military and security affairs, told Salam Watandar if the government failed to get rid of the corrupt intelligence and security officials, security will further deteriorate. “Yesterday’s attack in Kandahar is part of a proxy war between the Arab and Iranian intelligence agencies, and the Afghans are the main victims”, lamented Waziri.