Fish farms generate millions of dollars in Kandahar

 Wed 19 Apr 2017

KANDAHAR CITY (SW): Officials in Kandahar province have said the fish farms in the province are generating millions of dollars annually.

Habib-u-Rahman Sajad, head of media affairs at the provincial agriculture, irrigation and livestock directorate, told Salam Watandar there are at least 800 fish farms all over the province which generate 3 thousand kilos of fish to the market on annual basis. “The fish farms in Kandahar generate 10 million dollars every year, and employ more than 1500 persons”, added Sajad.

According to him, most of these fish farms are situated in Daman, Dand, Zharai, Arghandab, Shah Wali Kot and Panjwai districts of the province. The fish farmers have said if the meat generated from the farms are well kept at the cold stores in Kandahar, fish can be exported beyond Helmand, Zabul and Uruzgan provinces to other parts of the country.

The authorities claimed that they are paving ways to develop trainings for fish farmers in order to increase the farming culture in the province.