‘No one allowed to form interim government’

 Thu 20 Apr 2017

KABUL (SW): Spokesman for Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Unity Government (NUG), has rebuffed calls by Ahmad Zia Massoud, former presidential aide, about formation of the interim government. 

 Mujid Rahimi, spokesman for the CEO, told a press conference here on Thursday that the rhetoric of Ahmad Zia Massoud does not go well with the prevailing situation in the country. After dismissal from his post as aide to the president for reforms and good governance, Massoud resorted to harsh criticism against the government, and called for early elections and interim government.

Spokesman for the CEO Abdullah Abdullah said no one is allowed to strive for interim government. He, however, expressed concerns over the Presidential Palace not taking the CEO office in confidence before sacking Massoud.

Commenting on the sacking of Massoud, a number of analysts believe Ghani aims for short-term political goals while forging political alliances. Naseer Ahmad Tarakai, an analyst on political affairs, said those who joined Ghani’s camp in the 2014 Presidential Elections had political reasons. He stressed commitments made in that period with such politicians are merely based on ethics, and violations in this regard can harm trust among politicians. Ahmad Saeedi, another analyst, said politicians in Afghanistan go for ‘seasonal’ and tactical moves, instead of strategic ones. He claimed Ghani would only align himself with those who act in line with his interests. Mohammad Amin, another analyst, believed other figures such as Atta Mohammad Noor and Amrullah Saleh would face the same fate as Massoud.