Religious clerics caught between rock and a hard place

 Thu 20 Apr 2017

PUL-I-KHUMRI (SW): Religious clerics in Baghlan province have told the visiting Minister for Interior Affairs that they are facing discrimination from the officials due to their physical appearance while the Taliban also deem them enemies for being pro-government.

The Minister for Interior Affairs Taj Mohammad Jahed visited Baghlan after touring Balkh, Samangan, Faryab and Jawzjan provinces. Mawlawi Subhanullah Sidiq, representative of the religious clerics in Baghlan, told the minister that some officials target those with beards in the province merely for personal gains. He added that the Taliban deem the religious clerics worst that the government employees while the officials on the other hand treat the religious clerics with discrimination. He called for security of the religious clerics in Baghlan.

Abdul Hai Nemati, governor of the province, urged the minister to consult the true representative of the province while making high-level security appointments for the province. The governor also underlined the need for additional troops in the province to quell the mounting attacks of the militants.

On his part, Taj Mohammad Jahed hailed the killing of the Taliban’s shadow governor as a major development on the security front. He vowed reforms in the security sector. The minister stressed the Taliban will not be allowed to reach their targets in Baghlan.