Nai calls for ethical journalism aimed at national unity

 Mon 19 Jun 2017

KABUL (SW): Nai – Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan has called for ethical journalism aimed at promoting national unity and harmony in the country amid critical times.

Mujib Khilwatgar, chief executive of Nai, told a presser that as the fourth pillar of state, media should strive for national unity, and act in line with the set rules and laws in the country. He said reporting by ‘some outlets’ in the wake of a terrorist attack on al-Zahra mosque last week revealed that its opposite. “Lately, we saw that some national and international media organizations singled out certain community when reporting about security issues, the attack on a mosque in west of the city unearthed that some media organisations are not acting in line with the laws of the land”, he said.

He warned if media organisations failed to comply with rules and ethics, Afghanistan might witness hatred and religious conflict such as in Iraq and Syria.

In conversation with Salam Watandar, a number of working journalists acknowledged that such behavior of media organisations harm the national unity. Zainab Farhamand, a Kabul-based journalist, said it was unfortunate to see the essence of impartiality and ethical journalism undermined.

According to Nai officials, they have documented proof to back their claims, and initially the involved organizations would be approached to get their acts straight, but if that did not work the government would be approached to take action.