2 civilians killed as Taliban and security forces clash in Kunar

 Thu 13 Jul 2017

ASSAD ABAD (SW): At least two civilians got killed and seven more got wounded as rockets land in a residential area in Kunar provinces following clashes between the security forces and the Taliban on Thursday.

The incident took place in the Barogi area of the Sarakano district. Along with the dead bodies, the locals held a protest demonstration in front of the provincial administration complex charging the security forces for targeting civilians.

Local officials told Salam Watandar that a number of security check posts in Sarakano came under the Taliban attack early in the day. Mohammad Nabi, deputy governor, confirmed the death of two civilians in the wake of these clashes, but did not confirm who fired the rockets that hit the residential area. He said the Taliban used the local population as human shield by firing at the security forces from residential area. The deputy governor said large number of the Taliban are present in Sarakano area, but the government has sent an investigation team to probe the latest incident.