Burglars disguised as officials looting Kabul residents

 Sun 12 Nov 2017

KABUL (SW): A new trend of armed robberies with the burglars disguising as security or municipality officials to break into homes and loot valuables is on the rise in the capital Kabul.

This has irked Kabul residents making it difficult for them to differentiate between the officials and looters knocking at their doors.

Fareed, a resident of Kabul’s Taimany area, informed Salam Watandar that the burglars knocked at his door disguised as municipality officials, and once they were allowed in, they tied hands of his wife and looted all the valuables in minutes.

Pari, a neighbor of Fareed, said the burglars first knocked at their door, but upon witnessing so many people present there, they went away and chose to loot Fareed’s home instead. The incident has traumatized children in their home to the extent that they do not dare to go to school.

Naseem, another Kabul resident, informed of a similar experiences he went through. He urged the government to expedite public awareness campaign in this regard not to allow strangers to enter their homes. He added a home in his neighborhood was looted by thieves disguised as security officials.

In some areas, local officials have advised citizens not to allow anyone enter their home unless an official representative is along with them. Salam Watandar wished to have the view of the Ministry of Interior (MoI), but repeated calls to the MoP spokesman Najibullah Danish were not responded.