Pakistani military fires hundreds of Rockets into Afghanistan

 Tue 14 Nov 2017

KUNAR (SW): Kunar security officials said the Pakistani military has launched 342 rockets into districts of Dangam, Sheltan, Khas Kunar and Murora district of this province.

Kunar Provincial Police Chief, Juma Gul Himat, told Salam Watandar that the firing of rockets started Monday afternoon and still continues.

 According to Mr. Himat, of the total rockets fired from Pakistan, 56 hit Sheltan, 46 hit Khas Kunar, and 113 were thrown at the district of Murora.

The Kunar Police Chief said that there were no human casualties yet, but in the Sheltan district, which still is under rocket attacks by Pakistani military, dozens of families have been displaced from their areas.

Residents of the border areas of this province also said that rockets are still fired at their areas. According to these residents, the human casualties of these rocket's attacks were not known yet, but numbers of livestocks in Kunar border area have been killed as a result of these incoming rockets bombardment.

Pakistani military rockets shelling on the border areas of Afghanistan have been continued occasionally since 8 years. Pakistani officials claimed that the attacks targeted terrorist positions inside Afghanistan which have been targeting Pakistan from Afghanistan, but the Afghan government, on the contrary, has consistently accused Pakistan of supplying terrorists with shelters and has called on Pakistan to stop its rockets' strikes on Afghanistan soil.