A young man defying pressing challenges in life

 Wed 6 Dec 2017

MAZAR-I-SHARIF (SW): Rouhollah Mirzaei is a young and promising man who has defied many challenges, including blindness, to pursue his dreams of becoming a writer and broadcaster.

Sitting in the corner of an old room, he can often be seen working on the braille machine, his computer and reading his books.

He is currently a student at the Faculty of Law at the Balkh University. He is also head of the academic and cultural community of students besides serving as presenter at a local radio station in Mazar-e Sharif city.

In conversation with Salam Watandar, Rouhollah said he has seen many tragic incidents, has fallen in the streets often, but did not stop trying to prove that disability was not a constraint.

Committed to promote the culture of reading among blind people, he prepares the curriculum for students like him on braille provided to him by the Sweedish Committee. He has already encouraged many of his blind friends to get used to audio-books.

Among his other achievements is to draw the map of Afghanistan via special set of threads that can be touched to visualize by blind people. He informed the map is under study at an educational institute. He is now working on a visual book to raise awareness among blind people about everyday matters in a bid to help them further.

Rouhollah is very impressive with his use of smartphone as well. In his studios, he prepares flawlessly for his radio show on a computer.

Khosro Yaqeen, a friend of Rouhollah, informed that Rouhollah surprisingly impressed all when he started editing audio files on the computer. Ali Jan, a family member of Rouhollah, is role model for him.

Rouhollah has many plans in sight for his life. He dearly wants to see disabled persons, especially blind people to feel strong and independent. He has proved it in his own life. He carries out most of his daily life matters on his own. He has a dream to see his vision of life ‘disability is not a restriction’ prevail in the Afghan society.