Development work in winter undermining sustainability

 Sat 13 Jan 2018

GARDEZ (SW): Civil society activists in Paktia fear ongoing construction work in winter for development projects has undermined the quality and sustainability of the projects.

Currently, construction work is underway on compounds for the directorate of border and tribal affairs, directorate for information and culture, directorate for nomads, directorate for rural rehabilitation and development, and a grand mosque in Zurmat district.

The locals fear continuation of construction work in winter means less sustainable results as concrete does not dry properly due to the harsh weather that ultimately undermines the sustainability of the projects.

Haqmal Masoudzay and Mohammad Anwar, two local civil society activists, informed Salam Watandar that the government should pay serious attention to this matter, and award and execute construction project for development in suitable weather so that the results are desirable and durable.

Sadiq Rabati, a resident of the provincial capital Gardez, said in this regard that the projects executed in winter require reconstruction sooner than later, which inflicts additional costs.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Hasrat, spokesman for the provincial governor, insist that professional and well-qualified civic engineers are supervising the projects, and all matters are considered thoroughly. He said the weather is not cold enough, and no engineer has advised to halt work on any development project.