Market place for and by women in Takhar

 Sat 13 Jan 2018

TALUQAN (SW): A special market place for and by women is set to be established in Takhar province.

Razm Arahawash, head of the Directorate for Women Affairs, told Salam Watandar that the government would provide all funds necessary for the development of this market. She said the market would be established in the Ai Khanum Park in the Taluqan city.

She expressed optimism this park would provide a platform for women in rural areas to properly market their handicrafts.

A number of Takhar women have hailed this move, pronouncing it crucial in creating more opportunities for women entrepreneurs. Women engaged in the handicraft industry expressed optimism that such a dedicated place would not only help promote their products, but also put an end to the negative attitude towards working women, and help their families economically.

The Ai Khanum Park already has a women bakery where up to 20 women and girls work to prepare bread, cakes and biscuits.