Plans in sight to develop grazing areas in Badakhshan

 Sat 13 Jan 2018

FAIZABAD (SW): Local official in Badakhshan province have vowed actions would be taken to safeguard locals and their livestock from the attacks of snow leopards.

The endangered snow leopard in Afghanistan have been seen attacking livestock for food in Badakhshan’s Zebak and Wakhan districts. Last week, the locals killed a snow leopard in this connection, which sparked widespread condemnation. It is worth noticing the government has banned hunting this endangered animal.

Osama Baseer, director security services in Badakhshan, told Salam Watandar special secure areas have been designated in the Dawa Khan National Park’s five-year plan to safeguard the livestock from the attacks of the leopard.

He said the Wildlife Conservation Society together with the UNDP have helped the government to develop dedicated grazing lands for livestock in Badakhshan in 2018. He said each of these 12 grazing facilities would have the capacity to house up to 500 livestock animals.

Talabuddin Qaderi, member of the provincial council, is skeptical about the plan. He said many similar plans in the past have failed to yield positive results. He demanded the government to compensate farmers who have sustained losses due to the snow leopards.