Dozens of women in Logar quit jobs due to insecurity

 Tue 13 Feb 2018

LOGAR (SW): A number of women in Logar province, who previously worked with NGOs and in the government institutions, told Salam Watandar that they have left their jobs due to insecurity.

Marwa and Mariam are two of those who left their jobs due to insecurity. Mariam had been working for an International NGO and Marwa had worked for the government for seven years, both are now staying at home due to insecurity.

These women want the government to provide security so that they can return to work. Meanwhile, Sima Zargar, Director of Women’s Affairs in Logar told Salam Watandar that in addition to insecurity, bad cultural habits and family traditions prevent women from working outside their houses.

According to Sima Zargar, the involvement of civil society activists to resolve the tension between the working women and their families has been fruitful. For that reason, a number of women have been working for the government and nongovernmental organizations.

Salim Saleh, spokesperson for the Governor of Logar told Salam Watandar that only in the current month, 11 women have been employed by the government and nongovernmental organizations in Logar province.

Despite this, women in Logar quit their jobs as a result of insecurity in Logar and in general across the country.