Ultimatum to resign in 48 hours for South African President

 Tue 13 Feb 2018

KABUL (SW): The ruling South African party ‘the African National Congress’ called on the president of the country, Jacob Zuma, to step down within 48 hours.

The ruling party has adopted this decision during a 13-hour meeting. If President Zuma resists the decision, he will be voted against in the parliament, thus will have little chance to stay in power.

President Zuma holds power in South Africa since 2003, however, he faces corruption charges, money laundering and allegations of arms trafficking in 1999, causing political tensions and popular discontent against him.

Although the president of South Africa can remain in office on the basis of the law, however, with each passing day, the pressure of the ruling party might increase.

So far it is unclear how president Zuma reacted to the demand of the ruling party.