Culture of book reading on the decline in Kandahar

 Tue 13 Mar 2018

KANDAHAR CITY (SW): Kandahar city has more than one hundred book shops, but the literary figures here complain the culture of book reading is on the decline.

Some are blaming the lack of government’s support for the writers and publishers for it, however, others believe the rapid penetration of internet has overshadowed the culture of book reading here.

Fazal Ahmad and Sharifullah, two such owners of book shops in the city, informed that only text books are selling, and rest of the people are reading books and other literature online. Not many Kandahar residents are in favor of reading online or the digitalized soft copies.

Mohammad Rafi Siddiqui and Abdullah Kakar, two such residents, want the government to back and support writers, translators and publishers as well as strive to encourage book reading culture.

The Directorate of Information and Culture acknowledges that not many people are inclined towards reading now. Taza Gul Resha, head of arts and culture at the directorate, informed efforts are underway to encourage the youth towards reading books.

Local writer Fazal Mohammad Pinhan too wants the youth to read books rather than spending too much of their time online.

Few years back, there were only a handful of publishers publishing Pashto and Dari books, but now many such publishers are active in Kandahar and rest of the country. Observers believe the evolution of the industry in the digital world has left significant impacts on the publishing industry.