Property of disabled persons grabbed by influential people

 Wed 14 Mar 2018

JALALABAD (SW): A number of disabled persons in Nangharhar province complained homes awarded to them by the government have ben encroached upon by influential people.

They informed that the government had granted them residential plots in Behsud district, but influential people have encroached upon the property, and erected buildings on it. Shafiqullah and Laal Zaman, two such disabled men, informed that they possess legal documents of ownership, but the provincial government did nothing to safeguard their rights.

It was informed that up to 1336 residential units in Qasim Abad Township of the district have been earmarked for the disabled persons, but have been encroached upon by powerful people illeglaly.

Massoud Safi, head of the alliance of disabled persons, said in this regard that the disabled people are faced with multiple issues across the province. He also blamed the provincial administration of not paying attention to these issues.

Abdul Hakim Sherzad, head of the Directorate of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled, has echoed these concerns. He confirmed the residential plots earmarked for the disabled persons are usurped compelling them to sell off the possession documents as well.

Meanwhile, the provincial government has vowed to address the issue. Attaullah Khogyani, spokesman for the provincial governor, informed that action would be taken against the land-grabbers. Statistics indicate up to 300,000 jeribs of land has been encroached upon in the province.