VP calls for ethnic-balance in public sector jobs

 Wed 14 Mar 2018

KABUL (SW): Sarwar Danish, the second vice president, has stressed upon balanced representation of all ethnic groups in the public sector.

He was speaking at the commemoration ceremony for the 20th death anniversary of Abdul Ali Mazari, which was held at the Presidential Palace. The VP called on the Administrative Reform Commission to publish the percentage of ethnic representation in the public sector at all levels from top to bottom.

According to Sarwar Danish, progress has been made on the balanced representation of ethnic groups in government offices, and recently, with a series of legal steps, the process of administrative reform, and the prevention of discrimination and the creation of transparency have noticeably improved.

The balanced composition of ethnic groups in the public sector has been underlined by the majority of citizens, however, if any problem exists, it will be resolved with bringing it to the attention of the media, Sarwar Danish added.

The second vice president, Sarwar Danish spoke of the balanced composition of the ethnic groups in the government administrations, however, according to several reports, majority citizens have always complained of stereotyping and racisms in the government offices and have said that recruitment in the government offices is based more on ethnic and linguistic favoritism.