WJ members vote to complete administrative board

 Wed 14 Mar 2018


KABUL (SW): The House of Representatives (Wolesi Jirga) voted today to elect the secretary of the house hence completing its administrative board.

Mirdad Khan Nijrabi and Abdul Qader Zazi Watandost were nominees for the post of the secretary, and Mr Najrabi won with 110 votes. With the victory of Mr Najrabi, the administrative board for the house was completed.

Earlier this week, Homayoun Homayoun and Nazir Ahmadzai were candidates for the first deputy speaker of the WJ, and Mr Homayoun won and got elected as the first deputy speaker of the House, and Amir Khan Yar and Shaikh Nematullah Ghafari were candidates for the post of second deputy speaker of the house which was won by Amir Yar Khan.

The elections for WJ administrative board are held once a year, however, last year’s election sparked tensions among the delegates which faced criticisms from members of the WJ and citizens of the country alike.